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How to avoid root canal therapy?

Simplest generic reply - Don't go for Root Canal Therapy. The tooth becomes dead after RCT as its blood and nerve supply has been permanently removed. The body recognizes it as a dead part and tries to dispose of it via decomposition.

Root cause of cavities is lack of nutrition in modern day diet and lack of cleanliness of mouth which allows bacteria to play their game on the teeth.

Take raw plant food. Take lots of fruits and vegetables. Our ancestors did not use tooth brush or tooth paste and still had long lived teeth because they ate natural food. Tooth brush was introduced in early 1900 to the world.Take raw and cooked vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.Take sprouted nuts, seeds and beans only.Eliminate ALL processed foods, packaged food and fast food. Strictly avoid white sugar, white rice, flour products and grains. Eliminate phytic acid by avoiding grains, nuts and beans. You may consume them by sprouting  but not otherwise as people do generally. Phytic acid de…
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Humanity 2.0

Welcome to Humanity 2.0. This is my dream come true. Today, here and now. It has come to mainstream to touch everybody though.

We already have human beings that solar power collectors and live on that. They are not consumers. They are generators of energy. They are not the energy consumers. They are solar energy generators.

Day is not far when instead of consuming energy, humans will produce energy. A lot of experimentation needs to be done. Imagine a person sitting in front of Sun, looking at it. At the same time pedaling a bicycle to generate energy.

People communicate with telepathy. Do not need mobile phones.

There are people who cure others by prayers. They themselves connect with the divine to heal others. Think of Reiki for this.

There are people who live by example and are the real leaders of today. They may not hold legal powers but rule the hearts. These spiritual leaders cross the boundaries of religions and are understood by people of all faiths. Think of Sri M, Shirdi Ba…

Art of Leadership

The purpose of life is to glorify God. This is what a leader does. He works from the state that at the level of consciousness, everyone is same and connected. In fact, whole humanity is one at the level of consciousness. He is here to remind people of their true potential. Works with people to reach places where they never thought they could. How does he do that?

He makes people understand the purpose of their life. Why are they here and doing what they are doing. How will it help them reveal themselves and carve out their lives. Asks questions. What do you aspire for? Who is your hero? What is your dream? What are you fond of?

It is very important for us to understand the why of what we do. Else, it just remains a mediocre job. So, what would be the right questions?

Love and Joy is hardwired into our consciousness. Bring it on the surface. Whatever you label yourself for, will come true. Label yourself with good qualities and then start acting them.

Above all, a leader is inspired a…

Real Secrets of Yogic Nutrition

Real Secrets of Yogic Nutrition

Eat alkaline. Consume raw food as much as possibe.Take less salt other than naturally contained in vegetables.Drink running water, pure spring water is the best.Take your food as a blessing. Eat herbs such as Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Ginger, Coriander, Turmeric, Neem, etc. Take raw food as much as possible. Raw diet high in minerals promotes longevity.Eat Indian cow ghee.

Release people’s energy

Stay centered and grounded by connecting within your spiritual real self.
Imagine that your body is clear and translucent like clear glass or water to pass anything, such as invalidation by others, right through you.
Visualize and own your personal aura space about an arms length away from your body all the way around, above and below.
Give yourself an energy cleanse by visualizing golden light around you emanating from your first eye center. The color gold has a high vibration which is useful for clearing away foreign energy.
Feel cleansed and refreshed immediately.

Is your workplace adding to Global Warming?

Let us start with a simple fact. The Earth is running around Sun at a speed of 30 kilometers per second. But, we sitting in the office, feel we are static sitting at one place. Yes, we are static but with respect to the earth. In a way, we are already out on adventure trip, in the universe, sitting and walking on earth. Is it not a spacecraft that we are riding on? Then, we have Sun which is a candle without wax, a bub without electricity and has been giving us light and warmth to survive. We are living in amazing world.

At one time, we are standing on the earth but may be hanging on earth just 12 hours later when the earth rotates on its axis. We do not realize it in our daily life. Think about it.

True, all this has been existing for times immemorial. But, what has happened to it now? Is it sustainable? Why is the temperature continuously increasing now? Why are the natural calamities increasing regularly? Suddenly, what has started going wrong?

We need to do something about it. Wh…

Science of Getting Rich!

Only sure shot and easiest way to get wealthy is give away the money to people from whom you derive spiritual inspiration. Or, give it to any causes you like, something that connects you with joy, something that connects you with divinity.

Do it with the feeling of happiness. Not with the feeling that they need it. Do it with love. Give it to people or cause that make you feel alive.

Remember, you are giving. Do not calculate returns on it. Be it about 10 fold returns or be it fame. Do not calculate returns. Else, this is not giving.

Do not plan. If you have thought of something to give, give it. Planning may indicate some sort of calculating in the head.

Having money is not bad. It is more about how you use the money. For what purpose you use it.

Giving opens the doors for Receiving.