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Moral of the movie

"What a shot! Kill this @#%&*~" he shouted. The child was now standing on his seat. His mom trying to cool him down wasnot able to stop either. This loud child was heard almost always there was a fighting scene.

The child may forget the fight scenes but the impact on his mind will remain for some time.

A person may not remember many of the stories that were told during early childhood. However, I do believe some of thevalues built into a person can surely be credited to the 'moral of the story' for every story told at bed-time during childhood.

Generally, the movies have around 10% time devoted to show the ethics and the victory of good over evils. Remaining 90% is something else. Knowingly or unknowingly we carry some ingredients from the movie that mould us. Can we find a way to use that positively? I suggest showing a 'moral of the movie' in the end that relates to the positive 10% or the meaningful theme of the movie.

A movie or any other artwork entertaining with negatives of life depicted in degenerating manner is wild entertainment. Same mind that created that drama can probably give a meaningful direction. Else, it is only a criminal mind depicted on canvas instead of life. Then, why should we support the work of crime in the name of art?

Bollywood wants to become Hollywood. They take offence at being called Bollywood but do not know where to start for creating a unique brand for the Bollywood films. If Bollywood does not mind copying Hollywood then Bollywood is indeed a shadow of Hollywood.

Can't we be ourselves? This will help create something original and meaningful. We have so much in us to deliver. Just a search within is required.

I wonder why government does not take any action against the film makers who are inspired by crime and glamorize crime. Criminals get motivated and take inspirations from such movies. Vision is required on the part of government to stop the character lessening movies from depleting the culture of the motherland.

TV which also connects me to the movies has become more like hell, before the laugh it was murder and after the smile there is sex. Nothing bad about sex? Context makes it worse.

Having a Doordarshan (government TV channel in India) is not enough. It must be mandated for every TV channel to show at least 20% of the programs based on the culture of the land.

As we see today, lasting impact of almost any movie is – Follow me or die; drink and have sex etc. etc. Can it be changed to 'live and let live' or 'self discipline is the best form of discipline'? The message contained in a movie can be shown as "Moral of the movie: This movie shows the problems faced by rural India."

Theme of a movie can easily be found to be a boy and girl chasing each other and rejecting the world. Is romance so great? In case yes, why does it need to be supported with an item number and other such scenes? Then why is it not openly accepted in real life in society? There is no stopping if one tries to prove that everything is fine in the name of art and entertainment.

Can't the hero and heroine die together for a purpose? Ok, this may not be required to make all the movies dedicated to a cause. However, there should certainly be a call to a cause to have something to learn from a movie also. To that effect, adding a 'moral of the movie' in the end will not cost anything to film makers.

If somebody feels that entertainment should be pure entertainment without any control then the same person should also give thought to the statement that a pure crime is also a crime. Purer the crime more heinous it becomes. Apparently, it may look very sophisticated and a great work of art but that does make any difference. So, justifying anything in the name of entertainment and decorating with the words like art work or pure entertainment is not acceptable.

Very often we hear the statement like 'Art should not be controlled.'


Such statements are generally given by the celebrities who become celebrities by using the beauty of art for distorted purposes.

Having a 'moral of the movie' shown along with 'The End' in the end is a good option. Adding just a statement in the end will not hurt the profits either. That will help the movie goers to leave the cinema hall on a good note.

Only 'The End' statement in the end of the movie is not enough. Movie may end with 'The End'. But, the impressions created on the mind do not.

If a cigarette case can have "Warning: Smoking is injurious to health." then why not a movie can have a moral of the movie shown in the end? If all the movies can not integrate a message in the story line just for 5-10 minutes also then just show a message before the movie starts - "Warning: This movie is does not have any message." or may be "Warning: Watching this movie can be injurious to mental health." 'Moral of the movie' statement for such movies would still be shown as "Moral of the movie: None" below the 'The End' statement.

In nutshell, please do not ignore the fact the films can also provide learning and highlight any message available in the movie.

The message stated in the end justified by a little part of the drama shown in the movie will help giving some meaning to entertainment. This will go very far in achieving results to making a change in what we think about cinema and how it can change our lives for our own betterment to make us better human beings.
Please read and sign the petition to let film producers and censor board know that we want quality cinema and make a difference.


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