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Are you a spiritual criminal?

Are you a leader so much so that your followers (or subordinates in office) are afraid to talk to you? Yes? Oh no, that is the worst response I expect from a leader. Do you allow your team members to move as freely with you as they do with their other colleagues?

Yes, I understand your time constraints. Do you join them at lunch? You may be thinking that you are doing your job as a leader and others are doing their job so this is really out of place. Did you say job and still call yourself a leader? Forget it. If you think your 24x7 availability for office leaves no time for you to connect with others, who do not matter to you, you are an emotional bankrupt. But, you matter to them.

If you now decide that you are not a leader but satisfied as a manager I wish to say it’s not about the position you hold in office. But yes, if you own an organization you should think about the spiritual health of your organization for the very reason that the corporate culture of your organization builds or destroys lives of many people who join you for a beautiful period of their life.

Supervisors should understand that expecting only positive response to their requests is not the key. Key is allowing expression of feelings by the subordinates with their supervisor and by the supervisor itself. A supervisor should not leave them to spit poison about him or her on the lunch table. This is harmful for the subordinates and for them who take lunch with them listening to their negative comments? This in turn is negative for the supervisor himself. So, allow freedom to your subordinates in your presence.

I do not care about those leaders who now and then keep changing their statements and also the media who takes pleasure in highlighting them. Such leaders create a lot of negativity and the media amplifies them to the society at large. However, any problem may not be easy to solve when we divide people into groups such as leaders, politics or media. This is more about individual level. About you and about me.

Think what are your true emotions? Express them with your colleague and with your supervisor. Express them when you are at mental peace and are able to express with positive energy.

Solution is to rise above the labels of job function and think as a human being. 


Nice article Gaurav ji. You have touched upon a very interesting and important aspect of corporate life often neglected. I feel you should elaborate more. May be we can include questions like 'How are one to express ones emotions honestly and also be unaffected by it?'

Thanks a ton,
Gowri R.Varadhan

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