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How to be happy?

I tried to change the world but I failed. I tried to change my nation but I failed. I tried to change my city but I failed. I tried to change my family but I failed. I tried to change myself and I succeeded.

What is the thing that you want most in this world? Think about that for a moment. No need to tell me. Now ask yourself if you get that will you be a Happy person and will not need anything else to be happy?

Are you able to think of something that will give you permanent happiness? What is that? Did you think of your dream car or dream home? I believe no.

Suppose you get your dream realized what will you do in life after that? Think for a moment. Did you get something in your mind now? I would suggest you start doing that now. If nothing comes to your mind, do it once more. Even now if you do not get anything in your mind; try to feel the joy within. Do you feel a bit relaxed? Congratulations! You do not need anything external to be happy. You can be happy right now. Just be happy.

In that case, what about the visualization techniques that are becoming popular and so many programs offer? They promise you to get you your dream car or home. There is one thing that is more important than the objects like a car or a house. That is your happiness. Every one of us wants to be happy and to achieve that we try to change things around us. Why do you want to delay your happiness? Visualize your happiness. That you are feeling the joy within. That may be along with a car or a house but that does not matter.

How do you visualize happiness? Have you seen happiness? It does not have a form. Then, how can you visualize? That is exactly the point why so many training programs talk about visualizing objects. But, that attaches you to external objects and you start longing for that. What does that do? That brings misery. That fills your present with misery.

Do not confuse between desired objects and happiness. There are many differences in both of them. Object like a home or a car is something outside while happiness is something inside you. Both are at different places. An object may be gained or lost but happiness is always there within you. However, you may have forgotten it. So, what! Practice to feel happiness emanating from your heart. It’s right there. Even imagining happiness makes you happy.

So, stop waiting until you lose ten pounds, until you get married, until you die, until you are born again to realize that there is no better time than right now to be happy.

I have only one thing to say that search and visualize happiness at right place where it is, inside you. Things will automatically fall in place.

So, I now tell you the secret. Attach your emotions at right place. Whatever you are doing is for happiness only. All of us are seeking happiness. Isn’t it? So, I recommend try to feel happiness inside.

Attach your emotions with the source of happiness within you. You may call it your own heart, consciousness or God or give it some other name you like. But attach your emotions at right place. All that is within you.

Haven’t you heard - Behave like successful people if you want to be successful? Start behaving like a happy person if you really want to be happy. That will start connecting you with your source. Happiness is all yours. You do not need for an event to occur in future to make you happy.

If you have a happy thought you are happy. If you have an unhappy thought you are unhappy. Where does thought come from? If you find the source of thought you can create happiness at your will.

So, how do you cultivate happy thoughts? I know a good way to do that. That is meditation. What is meditation? Meditation is a technique to calm your mind. The moment your mind is calm you get connected to the source of happiness within you.

Moment I mention meditation you start thinking, “On no, I can not sit idle for 20-30 minutes.” Let me tell you if you do it right way you will enjoy it.

Imagine that you are sitting in meditation. Visualize your mind. Thoughts are bombarding from all sides. Now focus on this thought coming from your left. It is a very powerful thought. You do not want it to enter your mind. You are stopping it from entering your mind. What are you doing? Trying to stop a thought? How can you stop a thought entering you mind when it is already there? Is it not funny trying to stop something from entering when it is already there? So, what do you do now?

Try it right now. It is such a profound technique. Close your eyes. Watch the thought entering your mind and let it come. Let it come. Let it come. Letting it come is like clearing the way to let it go. Keep watching. Exercise of watching the thought brings you the present moment. The moment you are in present you become happy.

Eating can be a meditation. Eat in awareness. Taste the food. Mostly, people taste the food once and then start filling the stomach like checking once what you are eating what you think is tasty for you and then push it into your stomach. Why can’t you taste every morsel, every bite of it? To taste a dish 10 times you do not need 10 meals. Just enjoy ten bites in single meal. Eat mindfully. Eat in presence. Let your mind be in the present.

Even walking can be a meditation. Suppose you are in tense mood then how do you walk? You start walking a bit fast. Suppose you are day dreaming with some happy thoughts while walking then how do you walk? You walk a bit slow. Your mind should be where you are. Let your mind walk with you.

Many people go for morning walk. While the body walks and enjoys fresh morning air mind is left unattended. What happens then? Sometimes you walk slow to day dream. Then, suddenly you become tense that you have completed only two rounds of the park in thirty minutes and start walking fast. Slow... Fast... Slow... Fast... Attend to your mind also. Bring your mind to present. Let it feel the fresh air. Instead of checking the freshness of air only once enjoy the freshness in every breath. Be in the present and your walking becomes meditation.

Key is to be in present to be happy. Present moment is always here, right now. Happiness is not a destination to reach in future. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Longer the better. Walk the journey of happiness. Now is the perfect time to be happy. Just be present right here right now and realize that you are already happy.


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