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Law of Attraction

A small fish asked her mother, “Mother, I have always heard about the sea, but where is it? What is this sea?”

The mother explained, “You live in the sea. You move in the sea and you will end in the sea. The sea is within you and it is also without you. You are made up of sea. The sea is your own being.”

Yes, this is very true in our life. Take a closer look in our own lives. Translate this example to our own world.

A child asks her mother, “I have always heard about universe. What is it? Where is it? Mother’s answer is similar. Mother says, “You live in the universe. The universe is in you and it is also without you. You are made of universe. The universe is your own being.

What is common in these two examples? There is one limited self and one bigger self. Why is one limited and one is bigger? They identify themselves with such things. That makes the whole difference.

Law of Attraction states that I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted.

Your most predominant thoughts determine what comes in your life. It is a spiritual law.

Law of Attraction says whatever you think universe uses that as a catalogue what you want from it. The universe immediately starts working to give you that.

The law is constantly at work. Whether you are conscious of it or not you are using this law all the time. Once you understand how this law works you can use it to bring good in your life.

There is one equation to understand the Law of Attraction.
Thought + Belief = Manifestation

Think about problems and you get lot of them. Think about solutions and you get lot of them. Choice is yours.

If you think about many different things the universe starts working but as you keep changing your order the universe also keeps redirecting energies to fulfil your latest wish. You have to be patient to allow universe to fulfil your wish.

Find out what do you really want in your life. The word ‘real’ is the key to use the law of attraction.

Sit in silence. Watch your thoughts. Just let them flow. You may note them down on a piece of paper if you want. You might get some of the thoughts listed below or it could be different.
  • I need money. (The universe is manifesting ‘need for money in life’. I am getting what I have ordered to universe.)
  • I need health. (The law manifests ‘need of health’ in my life.)
  • I want to be spiritually enlightened. (The universe, again, keeps manifesting this need in my life.)
This is the mistake many people do.

Change your thoughts to positive affirmations. An affirmation is an assertion that something has already happened. Affirmations should be easy to visualize.

Visualize the end result you want to see happening in your life. Create a mental movie of the end result that you want to experience in your life.

There is a word of caution. Think before you visualize. There was a man. He was very fond of cars. He visualized different types of cars. What did he get? He became a traffic policeman. There was a man. He wanted lot of money. He visualized bundles of currency notes all around him. He Became cashier in bank.

Visualize that you are enjoying the benefits right here right now.

Visualize receiving Rs. 1 crore cheque with your name in mail.

Visualize that you are enjoying good health. You are running several kilometers effortlessly.

Visualize your beaming face with radiance and that you are spiritually enlightened and always in a state of bliss. There is happiness all around you.

Once you have visualized your affirmations then let it go.

Thank for whatever you have in life. Gratitude is called the greatest causal energy in the world. Universe will give you many more opportunities to thank. Thank for the gifts you receive. Thank for the things you have got in your life. There are so many things you can be grateful for. I leave one question to you to ponder. How about being grateful for the sake of gratitude? You will notice that by being grateful you are directing the energies to bring more good in your life.

So, be grateful for all that you already have.


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