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What is Sun Gazing?

Sun Gazing is the practice of looking directly at Sun. It is known by many other names such as solar healing, sun staring, sun yoga and surya yoga.

Sun Gazing is the rebirth of a science practiced in ancient times throughout the world. Sun Gazing can solve many of the ills of the present day and provide solutions on all fronts - physical, mental and spiritual.

One can become independent and free by Sun Gazing. Sun is available equally for all for free. Sun Gazing is believed to be a spiritual practice from the ancient times. As more and more people are now starting Sun Gazing, it is becoming a repeatable phenomenon and hence it is becoming a scientific practice.

Benefits of Sun Gazing:
Practitioners and theories on Sun Gazing say that
  • Sun Gazing stimulates pineal gland that causes
    • more secretion of serotonin hormones which brings satisfaction and relaxation i.e. happiness.
    • less secretion of melatonin hormones which reduces the need for sleep.
  • Sun Gazing increases energy level and vitality.
  • Sun Gazing nourishes body and mind.
  • Sun Gazing causes loss of desire and need to eat food.
  • Sun Gazing reduces the need for sleep.
  • Sun Gazing causes loss of excess weight.

How to do Sun Gazing?

While there are many ways to get started. It is recommendable to go slow  in the beginning first hour in the morning after the sunrise. Once you are comfortable use your own experience to guide you further as everyone is different in one way or the other at the physical level. Simple steps are mentioned below. All said, your experience and common sense is your best guide.
  1. 1st day: 1 second. Get a glimpse of the Sun by looking into the Sun in clear sky in the morning.
  2. 2nd day: 10 seconds.
  3. 3rd day onward: Increase time by 10 seconds every day if the Sun was available in clear sky yesterday. 
  4. Till 10 minutes: Increase 10 seconds every day till 10 minutes if you had good experience last day.
  5. After 10 minutes: Increase 1 minute every day till 1 hour if you had good experience last day.
  6. Believe your own experience, experiment and continue.
Are there any dangers in Sun Gazing?
Doctors caution against looking directly at the Sun that it can harm the retina.  However, doing it correctly can even cure the eyes. But, it is advisable that you get your eyes checked during the first few weeks/months of practice.

Eaten by the Sun - My experience with Sun Gazing
I had started looking at Sun even before I came to know about Sun Gazing. Sometimes just for one second or less and sometimes more as I was not aware what Sun can do to me at that time.

There were few breaks in my practice. Sometimes because of travel, sometimes because of clouds and fog in the winter season. Also, I was very unsure whether living without food will create any problems? But, I started.

I started looking at Sun starting with 10 seconds and increasing by 10 seconds every day.
Sometimes, when I started in the morning, Sun was clean. In some time, clouds came and covered the Sun. Then, I continued gazing but did not increase the time by 10 seconds next day as it was not completed with Sun last day.

When I was at 9 min 50 seconds, I had to go out of town and the practice was discontinued for two days. When I came back, I started at 10 minutes.

When I was at 10 minutes and some seconds, I noticed that I am sometimes happy for no reason. Got worried a bit, what is this? Then thought it could be because of sun gazing and breathed relief.

When I was at around 12 minutes, I continued staring till around 16 minutes. I was enjoying it at that time and wanted to do as much as possible. No harm was done, but, I returned back to 10 seconds per day schedule next day onward.

While at 14 minutes 20 seconds, I felt that I could increase the time 1 minute a day. I moved to 15 minutes next day and followed this practice except for few times which I will talk about when I come there.

When I was at 22 minutes, I noticed the Sun was very strong. It was for two reasons, winter was ending and I had started late also. The whole day I was very much worried about my eyes. Many doubts crept into my mind, “Will I be able to complete it successfully? I was not sure whether my vision was as clear as before. I tried to read the number plates of cars from distance and also checked with my friends whether they could read. Results were mixed.

At 23 minutes on 02 March 2003, I felt it very pleasing to look at Sun though the Sun was a bit stronger than it used to be in winter. I believe the reason for Sun being soft was that I had started much early in the morning. Then onwards, I made it a point to start as early as possible when the Sun was still red.

I had to stay within 25 minutes during 04 March 2013 to 08 March 2013 because of other engagements in the morning. Next day after 08 March there were clouds in the sky. So, did not increase the time even then. With such gaps and increasing time by 1 minute every day if appropriate, I reached 27 minutes on 13 March 2013.

Then, I met with an accident. I was at 28 minutes on 16 March. I was looking at the sun and the mobile phone that I was using for alarm somehow got switched off. I continued looking at the sun and the alarm did not sound. When I felt it was too late now to wait for 28 minutes alarm, I closed my eyes and after few seconds opened them to check the alarm. I switched on the mobile phone and was surprised to see that more than 45 minutes had passed by that time. I looked around to check my vision and realized that I had successfully reached the 45 minutes duration of sun gazing.

Next day onward, I started sun gazing for 45 minutes every day. For few days, I was regular. Then, other priorities popped up which hard-pressed me for morning time and there were breaks and had very short sessions for sometimes. But, I kept coming back to 45 minutes duration as and when I got time.

And then there was a long gap.

On 14 October 2013 again I remembered about Sun Gazing and I went to the rooftop and I did it for 15 minutes. By now, I had begun to feel good, energetic and less gluttonous. For few weekends I looked at Sun for 1 hour at a stretch and felt almost the same. I decided to do it as time would permit but never forget this activity.

These days, I look at Sun for 15 minutes in the morning and feel energetic for the whole day. This seems to be sufficient for now.

Popular Sun Gazers:
  • Sunyogi Umasankar (

    My take from this video:
    • While there are many different ways to get started with Sun Gazing important part is to get started 
    • One can get started with basic safety measures and believe own experience there after.

  • Breatharian Prahlad Jani (No Food Nor Water For 10 Days)
    My take from this video:
    • There are many different ways to do Sun Gazing.

  • Hira Ratan Manek’s website on Solar Healing -
    Sun Gazing is a unique phenomenon made popular by Hira Ratan Manek and is being called as HRM Phenomenon.
    HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) explains the practice of Sungazing or Solar Healing
    My take from this video:
    • Sun Gazing is a scientific practice with predictable results.

  • My take from the movie - Eat The Sun:
    • Make sure you have a life long spiritual goal and believe that the Sun Gazing practice is going to help you in that. If you do not have spiritual aspirations sooner or later you will leave this practice even if you have had positive and encouraging results.
    • Level of benefits of Sun Gazing vary depending on life style and mental, physical purity.

Additional recommendations

  • Grounding: Increase your touch with mother earth. If you prefer to stand, stay barefoot as much as possible. This recommendation holds good irrespective of whether you do Sun Gazing or not.
  • Sit cross-legged if you prefer to sit during Sun Gazing.
  • Sunning: Expose yourself to Sun to get the benefits.

Scientific views on Sun Gazing

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