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Surrender to God

Surrender is a word that all of us know but what does it mean exactly?

Let us consider the most commonly understood meaning of surrender. It is important to understand this word as surrender is generally not associated with positive actions outside spirituality. Very first thought that comes to mind is if you are in trouble then surrender.

So, what are our real troubles that can cause us to surrender? Our real trouble is the inner resistance to the natural flow of life. Very often, we want to control things that are meant to flow freely. We want to have ownership of things. God has designed each and everything in a way that everything comes and goes in a structured manner.

So, let us understand the inner resistance in detail. We want things to happen in a particular way to please us. If something does not happen the way we want that makes us sad. And, we resist that.

Suppose you are preparing to participate in a contest. You are working hard to give your best performance. Absolutely no problem. Go ahead with that. Later, it so happens that you do not win the contest. Now, that makes you sad. Why does it make you sad? This is the resistance that stops you from accepting the truth.

Then, the question arises is how to accept a fact that you dislike?

Spirituality offers surrender as a great tool to overcome the inner resistance. Here is how you can use this tool. While preparing, give your best to the preparation of the contest. Giving your best means you are putting 100% effort. When you put your 100% there remains no space left in you to worry about the result. After that, surrender your expectations to God. That will let you accept positively whatever comes your way.

Let the judges of the contest be free to use their intellect to decide the winner. For that you do not need to go to the judge and say, “Hello, I set you free.” Remember, this has to happen inside your mind.

When you leave the result to its own course it helps you even more to give your best to the contest. You can focus more on practice to prepare for the contest instead of worrying whether you are going to win.

I have a friend who is considered spiritually better than rest of us in the group. I asked him how does it feel to pass through surrender? He gave me a beautiful idea. He said, “You can be in the state of surrender while doing every day tasks. Try to do it. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

I tried to implement that and let me share with you how it feels. Believe me, its a great way to live with the feeling of surrender to God. Let me describe it with an example.

Consider me a small wave of ocean. Ocean represents God. A wave is a part of the ocean.

I am a small wave inside ocean with water spread all over. Even when I come to the surface, I am a part of the ocean. I can go deep or come to the surface but am always a part of the ocean. I move like a weight-less being. It is totally different from watching a wave from outside. I am the wave, a part of water. I have stopped imagining my separate identity as a wave. Separate existence a wave does not mean anything to me. I have realized vastness of the ocean. The sea is beautiful and I am no different. I have nothing to call as my identity other than the ocean.

You will be surprised to know I had this experience while I was driving in busy traffic.

I heard a car horn. I remember, I smiled at the person as he overtook me. All my surroundings on the road were no different than the sea. I was an integral part of the system, completely in sync with my surroundings. Like water in the ocean, same consciousness was there in me, in my car and the road. Even the person who took over me was moving in the same consciousness.

Most beautiful part comes now. I had never been so aware of my surroundings while driving. At the same time, my hands felt like dancing to the tune of busy traffic sounds. Horn, that I occasionally had to blow gave the joy of drum beats...

Surrender to God to the extent that you merge in Him and become one with Him. When you become one with the bigger system, system starts working for you and you are always in sync with the system.

This great experience helped me understand one important episode from Mahabharat. Now, I understand why  Arjun surrendered to Lord Krishna? It was necessary for Arjun to win internal enemies in order to participate effectively in the battle with external enemies. ‘Surrender to God’ is not only peaceful and calming to mind but also powerful tool to win your internal enemies.

Now, as I write to you, I surrender to you for the same consciousness that exists in you and me. You are no other than the omnipresent God in you and so am I. We are merged in God. We are one and nothing else ever existed to identify with. That is perfect surrender. That awakens internal bliss. Surrender to God and be happy.


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