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The Learner

I believe the best way to learn is by doing things.

Nothing have changed much for me after the day, when I was born. I was named Gaurav and 40 years after I was born I am still called, well, Gaurav. I am still a child at heart and like a child try to do things first and learn my lessons more from my failures than from my successes.

My childhood spent some good time in small villages. And, I love nature. I love trees and rivers.

Talking about childhood invariably takes me to my childhood memories. This scene is so vivid in my mind that I still remember it very clearly. Once while my mother was cooking in the kitchen she suddenly saw a snake at the door and unfortunately that was the only way to go out of the kitchen. She was so frightened that she could not even cry to call my father. Suddenly she had an idea, she started throwing the utensils in the opposite direction so that my father could hear the sound and come to help. I ran to call my father. He came and put a big heavy plate on the snake from its back. The snake seemed to be powerful. He pushed open the tray. My father pressed it hard and put something heavy on the tray. He then called neighbors and they all helped us to put the snake in the nearby trees. Incidentally, that also taught me my first lesson in non-violence.

Today, when I apply the same trick to catch a cockroach by using a bowl my little daughter looks at me with praise in her eyes. In my mind I know where I come from. I remember my widened eyes when I watched my father catching that snake using this innovative trick. That makes me more humble also.

Spending time with my eleven-year-old daughter is my best time. She is my life. And her mom? Whereas I am a bit unstable she is consistent...  in whatever she does. I appreciate her for the practical pieces of advice she constantly keeps giving me though I hardly implement.

We got married in November, 1999. It was a tough challenge for my parents to convince me that I too should get married. But, once they found her and we met; it was a cake-walk for them.

Once she asked me after I completed engineering in electronics why I was in marketing? I said, "Because I like to visit places and meet people."

After a little pause she asked, "Then, why did you do engineering?"

"Hmmm. I wanted to live in hostel and enjoy with friends." I said.

"You are not serious about your career." Pat came her reply.

Luckily, I got the message. I entered IT industry in 2000. I find it very interesting to make e-learning courses that get delivered over internet. I also enjoy making websites. I am enjoying my life at work in IT. Day by day I find myself more interested in work with a desire to do more and learn as much as I can and that is sufficient to make me happy at work also.

I completed Electronics Engineering from Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College in UP. When I came out from college in 1995 people had already started talking about 21st century. Today, I am proud of the advancements made in technology.

You might have heard about bathroom singer, but this is first time you can see and hear a computer singer, because I sing while at computer. My boss and colleagues often get amused how can I sing and work on computer at the same time? I enjoy my daily dates with computer and with internet.

However, 21st century has made me conscious of certain issues that we have now. Day by day I become more conscious of my life-style that it may be polluting something somewhere. To name a few polythene bags have become so ubiquitous. Being able to use water for taking bath sometimes makes me feel I am living a luxurious life.

I look so calm to people but I live a hectic work life. I wish I could spend more time with my family.

My worries do not end there. There is something else that bothers when I try to visualize my future.

You all know about that. Limited fuel resources? Global Warming? A bigger problem than all these combined together is that we do not admit that these are real problems. More than that we are not able to realize that each one of us is responsible for that. I think that is very important. Only then we can hope for a solution.

I am trying to learn how I can work with others to make our human race live longer. I want to learn from you and then do my little bit for our own benefit. I pray to God that 21st century does not turn out to be the final century. Lets do something about it. That will be the best insurance cover or investment plan that we can gift our next generations to come.


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