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Walk barefoot for health benefits

You would have seen and done this, going out for morning walk daily. This is a good practice with many health benefits. However, many people know only a few benefits which does not stop you getting the benefits though.

Here are certain tips that can help tremendously to more benefits and they are so great that they can even be called as real benefits if utilized with proper understanding.

This has been Earth that has a lot of absorbed and stored energy of Sun. Earth has stored energy from Sun and it is happening from millions of years. So, when you walk barefoot on bare earth, you absorb a lot of energy. Bare earth means without grass. Walk on bare earth such as beach, sand, no grass.  Grass also wants to draw energy from your body. Walk on dry surface for example when you are on a beach. You feel energized. You do not need to eat as much. You may take fruits and salads when you do not feel that much hungry.

When you walk barefoot, you get earthing. You feel grounded that is connected to mother earth. Mind becomes calm and centered. This is enjoyable feeling.

Walk on dry surface or ground. If the earth is little warm, it will be helpful. Your mind relaxes. You feel great.

Since you get lot of energy from earth, you may not need to eat that much or at all. You eat what you require. You feel like eating healthy food only. As a result, you feel light and stay in shape.

When you walk barefoot, acupressure points get stimulated and heal the related organs. Such as your toes get pressed and regulate the pineal gland. Toes are connected to the pineal gland.

Morning fresh air and sunlight rejuvenates the senses and mind. Peaceful morning atmosphere has innumerable benefits. It is a common belief that walking on grass in the morning is great for eyes.

Increase the barefoot time in your life as much as you can do comfortably. Soft muddy, sandy, dry, bare surface massages the acupressure points. At the same time, you can walk on the floor also to remain in touch with the earth.

If you have tried this and experienced benefits, please share for others benefits.


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