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How to control unwanted thoughts?

Thoughts create emotions. Emotions create your state of being. So, choose happy thoughts.

There may be some thoughts that are unwanted, that you want to avoid. But, the point is, they have already entered your mind. That is how you know about them. Do not deny them. Now that they have already entered your mind, you have to deal with them.

As an analogy, consider unwanted guests at your home. When they have already entered your house, you cannot deny the fact that they are already in. That will not change the fact. You can only entertain them. Art however is how you entertain them or handle them. First point is, welcome them. Make them feel welcome.

You cannot start quarreling with them and expect them to leave immediately. They are expected to fight back in response. And even if you are able to drive them away, you will always hold them in your mind just to avoid them in future. This is how they make permanent house in your mind. You remember them just to avoid them and they do not leave you.

To make them leave you, allow them to do so on their own. In the case of guests, do not bring up many new pointers to start talks, do not get involved with them. Keep it to the point. Welcome them, make them feel welcome. Let them feel you are dry or not of their type if they choose to feel so.

In the case of thought, welcome them as well. Be with them. Watch them. Allow them to go when they are done following their own momentum. Remember, that is the nature of thoughts. They keep moving, coming and going.

Fighting with thoughts is like trying to hold them back. Just being in the moment , with the thoughts, allowing them to go when they want to go, travel out is how it works.

So, to control thoughts, do not try to control thoughts. Understand them. Watch without being judgmental, when they come, or when they disappear. And, that leads you to be with your being which anyway is peaceful. 


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