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Use body language: your own eye movement for self growth

We may speak lies but our body does not. Use this fact to know more about yourself. You can use body language as a tool to know more about yourself and then use the gained information about yourself to fix yourself. Just do it more willingly and it will show you the results.

In this post, I am focusing on the eye movement, when mind is thinking.

Here are the key points.

Are you thinking about past or future?

  • Looking left is thinking about future. 
  • Looking right while speaking is thinking about past.

Which type of information are you accessing visual, auditory or emotional?

  • Looking upward while talking means you are accessing visuals. 
  • Looking sideways at the level of ear means you are accessing auditory data.
  • Looking downward means you are recalling or thinking with emotions.

Following are the combinations from two set of points - past/future and visual/auditory/emotional mentioned above. Observe how you switch gears to different areas when you listen and respond.

  • Looking up-left is about visualizing or creating something new, may be about future. 
  • Looking up-right is about visualizing or remembering past.
  • Looking sideways-left is about thinking new with sound, accessing the auditory signals. 
  • Looking sideways-right is about remembering sounds from the past.
  • Looking downward-left eye movement is about feeling something new. 
  • Looking downward-right is about feelings from the past.

It may be hard to do but it is worth it. Practice to observe yourself. This is the way you get first hand information about yourself and then work on it. How do you work with this information?

  • When you want to get the information from past but you observe looking left, you are still worrying about future. Then, you check whether you are looking upward, sideways or downward. Then, you know whether you are accessing visual, auditory or emotional data.
  • When you are planning something but seeing right, you are more in past. Then, you check whether you are looking upward, sideways or downward. Then, you know whether you are accessing visual, auditory or emotional data.

It is OK to switch between past and future. It is also OK to shift from one to another among visual, auditory and emotions. Point is to maintain the balance. Use different sources of information without getting overwhelmed by only one of them.

Understand yourself and you understand the people around you. Whole world is nothing but the way you look at the world. Most of the times, whole world is your world only, it is everything that you perceive of it.

So, go fix it, your own world. And, the whole world gets fixed. I hope this helps.


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