Sunday, November 29, 2015

Intolerance? No — Let us talk tolerance.

Why are we talking so much about intolerance? Is it because all of us are in favor of tolerance? The answer is yes? If the answer is no, I do not care. No body does.

Why not talk of tolerance? Is it not common sense? Talk about something you want, not what you do not want.

Can you say that you yourself are tolerant? If yes, then why don't you talk about yourself, share examples and propose solutions instead of cribbing? Remember, if you are part of problem, you are increasing the problem and you yourself are becoming a problem by aggravating it.

I pity on the people in public domain who talk about intolerance and think people will appreciate them as intellectuals. Buddy! talk about something you want to see happening. Else, what is the point?

If you yourself are not interested to do your bit or have lost the intent to handle the situation, TALK TOLERANCE to RESOLVE INTOLERANCE. Then, share with others what did you do to solve it for yourself and what you suggest for others.

People who work in public domain need to use their skill to increase acceptance. Use your skill whatever it is - writing, acting, politics, etc. otherwise, technology, finance or whatever.

Yes, everyone is different. Unity in diversity has always been the beauty of India. And, I am sure this will remain so. I and you will make it happen together.

We all have to live here and breathe same air. Let us make this place a better place by accepting all our differences with love and peace. 

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