Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pollution is not a battle but a war to win

Odd-even is a move in right direction at least. Acknowledge it. People and political parties should find ways to make it successful instead of complaining it is not giving any results. It is ridiculous that some are openly opposing, it shows only mental bankruptcy, nothing else.

And, there is another category. Have you lost your mind when you are saying that odd-even has forced people to buy two cars. This is because you have not been sensitive about the problem from day one. And, you may be the main culprit with unnecessary drives to increase pollution. Looks like your only intention is to break the system and then crib that the system does not work. Why can you not think about the person just behind you on a two wheeler?

What is your problem - little inconvenience or pollution? There are people who fight for country and give their lives. Here are you crying like a child. If you have so much money that to break the system and increase pollution you can buy two-three-four cars, Remove pollution from your mind first. Why does it make you satisfied to find new ways of creating pollution?

If odd-even did not work according to you then suggest alternatives instead of crying over small-small things. Anybody who says something has failed, has a moral responsibility to recommend another solution. If odd-even has failed in Delhi then go for public-private transport. Else, the day is not very far when it will be public-public only. But, ensure we do not quit till we solve the problem.

Odd-even is only a small experiment to reduce pollution, larger goal is to stop pollution and needs your support. Remember, Pollution is not a battle but a war to win. We don't win it today, our kids and grand kids suffer tomorrow.

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