Friday, July 29, 2016

Live your true purpose

Do you want to discover your true purpose of life? Believe it or not, the ultimate purpose is same for everyone. It is to consciously connect with your higher Self eternally. Rest everything is all about discovering what you are tuned to do in this life to achieve that goal. If you do not agree, that is also fine. It is just that you have chosen different goals for different life times that you believe you can achieve to connect with your true Self.

Somewhere in your unconscious, you know the purpose you are meant to fulfill. You may not be aware consciously though. Your actions are headed in that same direction anyway. You may call certain situations as distractions. They are just decision points to choose your next step. And then, prioritize the chosen step.

It's a journey. You have already reached the path and moving on. You chose something with your free will and you are treading the path. Did you realize this before? You are living life that you wanted to. You just need to pick right or better choices whenever the situation arises, which also you are already doing. Can that be done better? Everything else is and will be in place.

How do you do something better that you have already been doing? Do it consciously so that you are aware in present and consequently make right choices. Living in present is the key. That is what matters. Anything you think is past or future is just a projection on the present. You just need to be consciously connected with present.

Things start with a thought. Here is a thought, "I am consciously present with my true Self here in this moment now." Deepen your presence in the present moment.

Be passionate about living in the present moment. Be open to the possibility. Do everything you can. Pray for it. Visualize it. Learn with others. Keep getting better and better until it becomes effortless. This is only present moment that allows you to connect with inner Self and then one gets completely cured of ignorance.

Are you ready now to take the plunge and live in the present moment?

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