Friday, April 21, 2017

Switch to positive emotions to heal your body

Check your emotions. Do you need any more reasons if you already have any of below symptoms.

  • Pain in the Head - Headache: Release the stress. Relax.
  • Pain In the Neck: Forgive self and others. Consider the things you love about people.
  • Pain In the Shoulders: Solve your problems. Share with others. Release your mental burden - Let go.
  • Pain in the Upper Back: Let go the feeling of lack of emotional support. Feel loved. Actively participate in life. 
  • Pain in the Lower Back: Stop worrying about money. Use a financial planner. Get your money back overdue on others.
  • Pain in the Elbows: Accept the changes in  your life. Be flexible and allow few things to change as per the demand of time.
  • Pain in the Knees: Humble down your ego. Physical body is mortal. Do some volunteer work. 

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