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Is your workplace adding to Global Warming?

Let us start with a simple fact. The Earth is running around Sun at a speed of 30 kilometers per second. But, we sitting in the office, feel we are static sitting at one place. Yes, we are static but with respect to the earth. In a way, we are already out on adventure trip, in the universe, sitting and walking on earth. Is it not a spacecraft that we are riding on? Then, we have Sun which is a candle without wax, a bub without electricity and has been giving us light and warmth to survive. We are living in amazing world.

At one time, we are standing on the earth but may be hanging on earth just 12 hours later when the earth rotates on its axis. We do not realize it in our daily life. Think about it.

True, all this has been existing for times immemorial. But, what has happened to it now? Is it sustainable? Why is the temperature continuously increasing now? Why are the natural calamities increasing regularly? Suddenly, what has started going wrong?

We need to do something about it. What can we do about it other than going out on streets as an activist? What can we do from our tiny house or office while working daily chore?

Idea is simple. Use the same formula - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Build on this idea in every part of life. To give an example Reduce the use of plastic at home.

And, at office -
  • Reduce the unproductive work, heavy on electricity devices at office. 
  • Reuse water bottles at office instead of using paper cups. 
  • Recycle paper envelopes, old equipment through exchange offers, sell them to others who can still use them.
There can be many more ways that I could not yet thought of. What is it that you can reduce, reuse or recycle at office? Please suggest through your comments.


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