Saturday, May 06, 2017

Science of Getting Rich!

Only sure shot and easiest way to get wealthy is give away the money to people from whom you derive spiritual inspiration. Or, give it to any causes you like, something that connects you with joy, something that connects you with divinity.

Do it with the feeling of happiness. Not with the feeling that they need it. Do it with love. Give it to people or cause that make you feel alive.

Remember, you are giving. Do not calculate returns on it. Be it about 10 fold returns or be it fame. Do not calculate returns. Else, this is not giving.

Do not plan. If you have thought of something to give, give it. Planning may indicate some sort of calculating in the head.

Having money is not bad. It is more about how you use the money. For what purpose you use it.

Giving opens the doors for Receiving.

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