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Varna is about Karma

Varna system is a classification of Guna, quality, not necessarily by birth.

Rig Veda says,
The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made.
His thighs became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sudra was produced.
Brahman = Enlightened, Rajanya = Warrior, Vaisya = Business person, Sudra = Worker

Enlightened serves others with knowledge.
Warrior serves others by keeping them safe.
Business person serves others by making things available to them at reasonable price.
Worker serves others with direct action.

Everyone has their role to play and they do so with the qualities they would have developed. All four qualities are desirable in an individual. For example a person may have two good qualities - knowledge and action. He may decide to serve others with his action, internally guided by the knowledge or vivek.

Brahman is the ultimate reality within. So, “Aham Brahmasmi” can be chanted or realized by anyone, Varna does not matter. Varna originates from you. It is the attitude behi…

The Eightfold Learning Model For Life Long Learners

This article attempts to translate learning pathway from the time-tested principles and methods from Ashtang Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali. Yoga Sutras provide the stages as well as the means clubbed together for growth on the spiritual path. So, the model is naturally useful for both learners as well as teachers. Sutras themselves address the progressive growth and the means to achieve the same. The whole life cycle of an individual or an organization is nothing but full of learnings to evolve. Let us look at them as a type of learner. Till the time they are learning, they grow in other aspects as well including financially. The moment they stop learning, they become history. And, history remembers them only if they did something noteworthy when they were learning. Learning and doing go hand in hand. Doing to learn is the best way to learn and produce at the same time. Eight stages are not only the milestones but every step builds on top of the previous one. Sutras are also t…

What is Hinduism?

The word Hindu refers to geography, or culture of the land, not a religion.

This is same as every parent is good to the children. For individuals, their own parent is the best, best of all the parents on the planet. The child does not want his/her parent to be shared as father or mother of the children in the locality. However, other children in the locality have their parents. For them, their parents are the best parents. They can openly say that and respect other parents too in the society. And, that is okay. In fact, beautiful. Why can this not be replicated when it comes to God? Your chosen form of God is best for you. Same is true for others with their chosen form of God for them. This is spiritual democracy.

First, let us see what it is not. It is not a hardcore religion. It is a culture. The land was called Hindustan earlier. People living in Hindustan are called  Hindus. If one does not identify with that as the Hinduism is also branded as a religion, that is okay.

Hinduism i…

How to change habits?

Remember the golden rule. You don't just eliminate a habit, you replace it with a new one. Here are three R's of habit change.

Reminder: Identify the trigger that initiates a behaviour or habit such as opening the browser after opening your laptop, stepping out of office for smoke after a stressful conversation. Use the trigger to initiate new behaviour. Take small steps initially and build on them gradually but be consistent as much as possible. That is the key. make it easy. When you leave the laptop, hibernate it with your email box open so that next time the first thing you open laptop it works as a reminder to work on emails instead of going to social networking site.
Routine: Plan how you will respond to a trigger as per the new habit. Identify the routine behaviour that is the habit and also as a part of which the reminder gets initiated. Identify with new behaviour.

Say positive things to yourself such as, "I have slim, healthy body."
Reward: Enjoy the benefit …

Real Secret to Success

You may not be an expert but if you know some real secrets, that can take you to success and living the successful life will make you an expert. That can prove to be a game changer! One can even earn a fortune if you get and practice it right.

Know yourself: And reflect it as a Brand. If you are not real, your brand cannot be real. As simple as that. Here is what I do: I learn, practice, share. So, you know what comes from me is authentic. Since I am a life-long learner, there is much more to learn, I also direct you to someone else who knows better than me.

Just think about it, if you know your true self and just increase your visibility, that creates your brand. What can be more authentic than that.
Do it regularly: When you know your true interests, you live it daily. You somehow find time for it. It is about your primary expression modality. Which sense do you use most - speaking, writing, thinking, sensing, enjoying.
Join others: How do I do what I preached above? If you notice all …

Heal Yourself Spiritually

Spiritual healing is more about self-healing than it has to do with someone else as a healer. It works in many ways. There are three steps how most of the energy healing processes work - Clear, Charge, Balance.

Energy healing is done in many different ways such as Reiki, Pranic, Pendulum, etc. Basic principles are similar to tap the cosmic energy for healing.

All the healing methods require a healer, whether healing self or others, to connect to their core. You may already be initiated into some spiritual tradition and practising the same. That means you may already have a technique to connect to your spiritual being, the God, inner self, the formless being. Imagine the highest self or divine energy as per your spiritual tradition being present everywhere as cosmic energy. , you do not need other technique for healing. Just invoke the healing aspect of the universal cosmic energy.

A very strong prayer to heal given by Paramhansa Yogananda says, "Heavenly Father, Thou art omnipre…

Energy Healing

What is energy? Energy being referred to is life energy, life-force that animates and sustains life. It is called by names as Prana (Sanskrit), Pneuma (Greek), Mana (Polynesian), Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese). I am from India so I have known it by the name Prana. Prana is readily available from the sun, air and ground. It is the animating force that gives and sustains life. 
Who heals whom? There are two identities in the healing process - giver and the receiver. In the case of self-healing, the healer is both giver and receiver.
What is illness? Energy patterns tend to manifest as some characteristic of the physical body. Energy paths can become blocked or stagnated because of Beliefs, conflicts of thought and emotional energy, injury, stress or over-exertion leading to pain or disease.
What is energy healing? If imbalanced energy pattern is altered into a healthy one, then the person can heal naturally.

Energy healing works with Prana, the aura, luminous energy field that interpenet…